Emergency Pipe Repair Kit – Pressured SylWrap

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For when pressure CANNOT BE turned off.
SylWrap Under Pressure Kit is designed for pipe repairs where flow cannot be isolated, for applications on pipes made from steel, stainless steel, copper, malleable iron, GRP, ceramic, clay, concrete, rubber and most plastics.

The kit contains Pipe Burst Tape which is used to close off pressurised leaks. SylWrap is then applied over the Pipe Burst Tape for a long term, pressure-resistant repair.

For pressurised repairs on

  • Leaking joints
  • Pinhole leaks
  • Small cracks

Kit contains Wrap & Seal to

  • Shut down pressurised leaks
  • Prevent costly shut down

For pressurised leak repairs

Contains pipe burst tape


Working time: 2 – 5 minutes, dependent upon temperature of water and pipework
Cured material life: 10 – 20 years, dependent upon repair quality, repair thickness, condition of pipe, environmental conditions,pipe temperature etc. Consult Sylmasta for further information and design life for specific applications.
Initial cure time: 7-10 minutes
Functional cure: 30-45 minutes
Full cure (maximum properties) 24 hours
Shore D hardness: 70
Tensile strength 148MPa
Coefficient of thermal expansion: approx. 19 x 10-6 per °C
Service conditions:
Max service temperature: 250°C / 480°F (SylWrap has been used at 250°C with steam at 20 bar for a 2 week temporary repair and at 200°C at 20 bar for 6+ weeks)
Pressure resistance: 30 bar (3 MPa), depending on size of pipe and leak (hole requires epoxy filler first).
Chemical resistance: Acetone, ammonia, sulphuric acid (30%), ethyl alcohol, mineral spirits, gasoline, MEK, toluene, diesel, hydrochloric acid, Varsol, ethylene glycol, crude oil, hydraulic oil (test period of 40 days).

Wrap & Seal

Moisture Resistance Excellent
UV Resistance Excellent
Electrical Insulation Excellent
Ozone Resistance Excellent
Resilience Excellent
Corrosion Prevention Excellent
High Temperatures Excellent
Solvent Resistance Good
Flame Resistance Good
Acid Resistance Good to Fair
Abrasion Resistance Good
Oil Resistance Good to Fair
Tear Resistance Good
Hydrocarbon Resistance Good to Fair

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Pipe Repair SylWrap Under Pressure