Sylmasta AB Original Epoxy Repair Putty

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Super-strength epoxy putty with long work time for complex damage repairs, including underwater and in chemically aggressive environments



Sylmasta AB Original is a versatile, two-part epoxy putty which has numerous uses in repair, maintenance and manufacturing applications.

AB Original is ceramic-filled, making it harder wearing and stronger than most other epoxy putties. It has a working time of up to two hours, allowing for more of the material to be mixed, shaped and formed as needed before curing begins. Sylmasta recommend AB Original to clients undertaking complex applications and operating in hot climates because of its cure time.

As part of the Sylmasta Pipe Repair System, AB Original is used to seal holes and cracks caused by corrosion to pipes made from steel, cast iron, copper, PVC plastic, lead, ceramic, and many other materials. When applied to damaged areas, it restores the surface profile of pipelines and improves integrity.

It is used to make underwater pipe repairs, adheres well to wet surfaces, is suitable in interior or exterior settings, and has high chemical resistance. In chemically aggressive environments, it can be used as a sacrificial layer.

Away from pipe repair, Sylmasta AB bonds to metal, wood, brick, masonry, concrete, porcelain, ceramics, clay pipes and most plastics. It acts as a filler to repair all types of damage, insulates electrical components, and can be used to make prototypes. Once cured, it can be tapped, drilled, screwed, sawed, machined, ground, filed, or painted.

Three colours of Sylmasta AB Original Epoxy Putty are currently available and AB can be purchased in bulk quantities for larger projects. If you require customisation of Sylmasta AB, then please contact Sylmasta, whose technicians can produce custom coloured epoxy for jobs including brick repair and concrete repair.

How to use Sylmasta AB Original Epoxy Putty for maintenance and repair

Sylmasta AB comes in two separate parts. You mix part A and B together in even quantities by volume or weight and knead until thoroughly mixed.

Whilst soft, the putty is pushed into holes and cracks in pipes, metalwork and other materials where it will cure, sealing and filling areas of damage. For bonding, you apply the putty and use it to attach the pieces requiring repair together.

The two hour work time enables Sylmasta AB to be used in more complex jobs. The hand-kneadable consistency eliminates drips and runs, facilitates adhesion to the substrate, and allows the material to be shaped. It achieves a full cure in 24 hours and is resistant to water, chemicals, and temperature extremes.

Sylmasta AB Original Epoxy Putty contains no solvents or VOC’s, is non-flammable and releases no noxious fumes. It will not shrink or pull away when setting. The unused portion stays fresh for future use when saved in its original package.

Pipe repairs made with Sylmasta AB Original Epoxy Putty can be overwrapped with SylWrap HD Pipe Repair Bandage. SylWrap HD provides an impact-resistant, rock-hard layer of protection for a high-pressure repair.

Benefits of Sylmasta AB Original Epoxy Putty

  • Two hour working time allows for complex repairs to be carried out and minimises waste
  • Ceramic-filled for super strength and can be worked without cracking or tearing
  • Bonds to metals, wood, brick, masonry, concrete and most plastics
  • Can be custom-made to colour match a specific repair

Sylmasta AB Epoxy Putty pipe repair applications

  • Steel pipe repair, iron pipe repair, copper pipe repair, PVC plastic pipe repair, GRP pipe repair, ceramic pipe repair, concrete pipe repair, lead pipe repair, rubber pipe repair
  • Underwater repair
  • Restoring surface profile for improved pipeline integrity
  • Use as a sacrificial layer in chemically aggressive environments

Sylmasta AB Epoxy Putty plumbing applications

  • Repair breaks and chips on tiles and ceramics
  • Levelling toilets, sinks and basins on uneven floors
  • Filling and sealing gaps
  • Replacing damaged grout

Sylmasta AB Epoxy Putty maintenance and repair applications

  • Repair damaged concrete and paving slaps
  • Filling drill holes in masonry and walls
  • Insulating electrical components

Sylmasta AB Epoxy Putty industrial applications

  • Making prototypes
  • Repairing components in the required colour and filling holes
  • Sealing cable glands and joints and insulating electrical cables

Sylmasta AB Epoxy Putty Marine applications

Case Studies

A 3 metre diamete FRP desalination plant discharge pipe underoges repair in Saudi Arabia
A desalination plant in Saudi Arabia needed to seal gaps between connecting rings left during installation of a 3 metre diameter FRP pipe before the facility could go online
A 1500mm line in a seawater cooling system undergoes repair after it began leaking from a broken off nozzle
The main supply line in a seawater cooling system undergoes urgent repair and reinforcement after a snapped nozzle began discharging water 5 metres into the air
A 19th century cast iron pit wheel in Mordiford Mill, Herefordshire undergoes repair and refburbishment with Sylmasta AB Epoxy Putty
Sylmasta AB provides a waterproof, corrosion resistant material to protect a 19th century pit wheel from water ingress and help bond two steel hoops to its castings for reinforcement
Sylmasta AB Epoxy Putty used in a corrosion protection application for suspender cables on the Menai Suspension Bridge
Hangers connecting suspender cables with the deck of the Menai Suspension Bridge linking Anglesey and Wales undergo corrosion protection using Sylmasta AB
Pipe repair of a central heating system in a church which had begun to leak around a welded joint suffering from corrosion
Sylmasta repair heavy damage and encapsulate a leaking welded joint between a 100mm cast iron pipe and a 50mm steel pipe in a church central heating system
A homeowner uses Sylmasta AB Original Epoxy Putty as a filler to repair a chip in an SMC designer bar stool
A homeowner quoted £220 to fix a chip in a £500 designer bar stool made of SMC instead made a cost-effective DIY filler repair using Sylmasta AB Epoxy Putty

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