Superfast Titanium-Stick – High Temperature Epoxy (113g)

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High Temperature Repairs

A titanium-filled epoxy putty designed to bond and repair materials exposed to high temperatures, for use in a variety of industrial maintenance applications.

It can be used to repair tanks, iron pipes, tools and equipment, stripped threads, blow holes, moulds, patterns, castings and duct-work. It bonds to most materials, including metals, masonry, wood, ceramics and most plastics.


  • Repair iron pipes and tanks

  • Fill blow-holes

  • Form moulds, patterns and castings

  • Repair stripped threads, tools and equipment

  • Will not rust or shrink


  • High temperature resistance to 260°C
  • Easy to apply
  • Resin and hardener pre-measured
Working Time
90 Minutes
Functional Cure
80 Hour
Full Cure
72 Hours