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Brush applied epoxy used as a lay-up resin for Fibreglass Tape to make composite patch repairs to complex pipes, pipe joints and tanks

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Sylmasta E190 Brushable Epoxy is an epoxy adhesive which provides a corrosion resistant, high-strength lay-up resin for undertaking complex composite pipe repair applications.

It is used in conjunction with Fibreglass Tape for making more versatile repairs than are possible with other Sylmasta Pipe Repair and Protection products. E190 Brushable patch repairs even the most inaccessible pipe shapes and tanks made of all materials. It protects against corrosion and is temperature resistant to 100°C.

Repairs can be made to multiple damage areas of varying sizes using one kit of E190 Brushable. It repairs areas of damage caused by corrosion and pitting, strengthens existing pipes, and comes with a 30 minute work time for applications involving difficult geometries.

How to make a composite pipe repair using Sylmasta E190 Brushable Epoxy

Surfaces must undergo a degree of preparation being the application of Sylmasta E190. Pipework should be free of paint, rust and grime before being roughened via either grit blasting or grinding with a coarse wheel or abrasive disk pad. Full instructions on the preparation process are available on the Technical Data Sheet and are provided with the product.

E190 Brushable Epoxy should be applied as soon as the preparation procedure is completed. The two parts are mixed at the ratio specified on the tub and stirred well for up to 5 minutes until both parts are thoroughly mixed and streak free.

Once mixed, Sylmasta E190 is brush applied to the area of pipe requiring repair. A layer of Fibreglass Tape is then wrapped around the epoxy and another coating of E190 added on top of the Tape.

The application should continue in this way with each coating of E190 being covered with Fibreglass Tape until the repair is complete. It is finished with one final layer of E190.

In applications where there is not enough room to wrap Fibreglass Tape, such as in confined spaces, around joints and fittings, or for the repair of tanks, strips of Tape can be cut off and pressed into the E190 rather than being wound around the epoxy. Alternatively, the epoxy can be brushed directly onto the Tape, after which the soaked Tape can be applied to the pipe.

E190 Brushable Epoxy has a work time of 30 minutes and a hard dry of 16 hours. A full cure is achieved in 24 hours, although exact timings are dependent upon the thickness of the application and temperature.

Fibreglass Tape is purchased separately as the quantity required will differ depending on the size and type of repair being made. For an all-in-one kit which contains three packs of E190 and the largest available roll of Sylmasta Fibreglass Tape to enable multiple repairs, please see the Epoxy Composite Repair Kit.

Should you require a specialist epoxy resin in place of E190, for example where very high chemical or temperature resistance is required, then please contact Sylmasta whose technicians can produce custom-made variations specifically formulated for your application.

Benefits of Sylmasta E190 Brushable Epoxy

  • Easy to mix and apply using a brush
  • Accesses areas that composite repair wraps struggle to reach
  • Gel-like consistency so does not drip or run
  • Protects against corrosion and chemical attack
  • Does not shrink


  • Steel pipe repair, iron pipe repair, copper pipe repair, PVC plastic pipe repair, GRP pipe repair
  • Patch repair of complex pipe shapes and tanks
  • Corrosion protection
  • High-strength bonding

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