Fibreglass Tape – For Making Composite Repairs

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Tape which is layered over or coated with an epoxy resin like Sylmasta E190 to make composite repairs to pipes and tanks

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Fibreglass Tape is coated and applied with an epoxy resin such as Sylmasta E190 Brushable Epoxy to make high-strength, versatile, composite repairs to pipes and tanks.

Making a repair using this method provides an alternative to using a SylWrap composite wrap for applications involving pipe joints or confined spaces where a repair bandage cannot be applied.

Repairs made using Tape and epoxy resin protect pipes against corrosion, repair damage caused by pitting, and strengthen existing pipelines. The open weave of Sylmasta Fibreglass Tape allows it to mould around complex shapes and for the epoxy resin to easily saturate the fabric.

How to use Fibreglass Tape to make a composite pipe repair

After surface preparation is carried out to the pipework requiring repair and the first layer of epoxy resin has been applied, a layer of Fibreglass Tape is wrapped around the epoxy-covered area before another layer of epoxy is coated onto the Tape.

The application continues in this way with each coating of epoxy being covered with Tape until the repair is complete. The repair is finished with one final layer of epoxy.

How much Fibreglass Tape is required is determined by the size of the repair being made and the coverage of epoxy resin. Tape is available in widths from 50mm to 150mm and each roll is 50m long.

When wrapping Fibreglass Tape, the length of Tape required to complete one wrap is approximately three times the diameter of the pipe being repaired – so, for a 150mm diameter pipe with five layers of epoxy, the length of Tape would be 3 x 150mm x five layers = 2250mm.

In applications where it is not possible to wrap the Tape around the pipe, such as around joints and fittings, in confined spaces, or for the repair of tanks, strips of Tape are instead cut off and pressed into the epoxy rather than being wound.

Alternatively, the epoxy can be brushed directly onto the Tape, after which the soaked Tape can be applied to the pipe to create a composite patch repair.

Sylmasta E190 Brushable Epoxy is our standard epoxy resin for use with Fibreglass Tape. Repairs made with E190 Brushable protect against corrosion, have good chemical resistance, and are temperature resistant to 100°C. E190 Brushable Epoxy has a work time of 30 minutes and a hard dry of 16 hours. A full cure is achieved in 24 hours.

E190 is purchased separately as the quantity required will differ depending on the type of repair being made. For an all-in-one kit that contains three packs of E190 and the largest available roll of Fibreglass Tape to enable multiple repairs, please see the Fibreglass Repair Kit.

Should you require a specialist epoxy resin in place of E190, for example where very high chemical or temperature resistance is required, then please contact Sylmasta whose technicians can produce custom-made variations specifically formulated for your application.

Benefits of Sylmasta Fibreglass Tape

  • Easy to apply
  • Tape can be cut to be used in multiple repairs
  • Accesses areas that composite repair wraps struggle to reach


  • Creating composite repair bandages when coated with an epoxy resin
  • Steel pipe repair, iron pipe repair, copper pipe repair, PVC plastic pipe repair, GRP pipe repair
  • Patch repair of complex pipe shapes and tanks

Case Studies

A desalination plant in Saudi Arabia needed to seal gaps between connecting rings left during installation of a 3 metre diameter FRP pipe before the facility could go online
A heavily corroded industrial tank at a pharmaceutical plant undergoes repair and refurbishment to extend its lifespan by several years ahead of a planned replacement

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