Composite Wraps

SylWrap Pipe Repair Bandages and Wraps provide a composite shell as part of stage four of the Sylmasta Pipe Repair System. They offer protection to older, worn and corroded pipes and strengthen existing pipe structures, extending the lifespan of infrastructure.

Sylmasta manufacture three types of composite pipe repair protection wraps, all of which help strengthen structures. They are easy to use; just activate the resin using water, wrap the damaged pipe and smooth down until the bandage sets.

SylWrap HD cures in around 10 minutes and is designed to reinforce pipe repairs, refurbish old pipework and increase hoop strength. SylWrap HD sets rock hard and provides an impact-resistant layer of protection.

SylWrap CR is a specialist wrap infused with corrosion inhibitors. It is used to protect pipes and structures in harsh environments from environmental and marine corrosion. SylWrap CR is especially useful in applications where corrosion protection is desired but a Surface Layer cannot be applied first, such as underwater. In testing, metalwork which was wrapped in SylWrap CR and subjected to 1,000 hours of saltwater exposure returned corrosion free.

SylWrap FR is a flame retardant version of SylWrap. It is applied to pipes which are subjected to extreme heat to increase their temperature resistance. Please contact Sylmasta to enquire about the availability of SylWrap FR.

For more complicated applications where applying a composite wrap is made difficult such as around complex pipe fittings or tanks, Sylmasta E190 Epoxy Composite and Fibreglass Tape are used to create a versatile, composite repair which strengthens pipes and provides a layer of protection.

When used in conjunction, E190 and Tape strengthen a pipe and offer the same protection as SylWrap HD, CR, or FR. E190 is brush applied to the pipe before being covered with a layer of Fibreglass Tape, in effect creating a composite repair bandage. The application continues in this manner, building up layers of epoxy and tape until a full patch repair is completed.

The advantage of a patch repair is that it is the most versatile type of repair method, capable of application on even the most inaccessible of pipes. Epoxy can be applied to different areas of damage and Tape cut so that multiple repairs can be made in the same application.

Sylmasta can formulate and supply specialist composite epoxy resins in place of E190, for example where very high chemical or temperature resistance is required. For more information, please contact Sylmasta.

The downside to an epoxy composite repair is that it requires a higher level of skill, is a messier and slower process, and cannot be applied underwater.

Sylmasta E190 and Fibreglass Tape are normally purchased separately as the amount of Tape required differs depending on application. For users making multiple composite repairs, the Epoxy Composite Repair Kit contains several packs of E190 and rolls of Fibreglass Tape.

Once you have selected your composite shell, you have completed the four stage Sylmasta Pipe Repair process.

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