Sylmasta Pipe Repair System

The Sylmasta Pipe Repair System is a four-stage process which is designed to repair, refurbish, strengthen and protect pipelines in any given scenario.

You select the most relevant product to your application from each stage of the process. When used in conjunction with each other, these products enable the optimum repair to be carried out.

Leak Sealant
Leak Sealants are used to repair holes and cracks in pipes. Epoxy putties are used for when water pressure can be turned off and Wrap & Seal Pipe Repair Tape for live leaks. If your pipe is not leaking, then this stage of the process is skipped.

Damage Repair
Damage Repair products restore the integrity of the pipeline by repairing external damaged caused by problems such as corrosion. They consist of epoxy putties and pastes which also provide full contact and load spreading between the pipe surface and the composite layer of the repair at stage 4.

Surface Coating
The Surface Coating provides an extra layer of corrosion protection, maximises surface contact area with the composite shell, increases adhesion, and provides an additional impermeable membrane in the event of a future breach of the original pipe due to internal corrosion. If the user is satisfied that leaks caused by internal corrosion will not occur or if the exterior pipe surface is in sufficiently good condition to be wrapped directly over with the composite layer, then this stage can be skipped.

Composite Wrap
The final stage of the Sylmasta Pipe Repair System involves reinforcing the previous stages and increasing the hoop strength of the pipe, and therefore the pressure resistance. This is done with either SylWrap Composite Repair Wraps or for more complex and technical applications, a Sylmasta E190 Epoxy Composite Repair.

Select one product from each stage to make the optimum Sylmasta Pipe Repair: