Wrap & Seal Electrical

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The Universal Silicone Repair Tape 

The high dielectric strength of Wrap & Seal makes it perfect to insulate electric cables and joints. It will also prevent the ingress of moisture, a common problem in outdoor installations. Joints made with Wrap & Seal can be cut open for repairs, without leaving a sticky film. Damaged telecommunication cables are easily repaired where expensive repairs are normally required; even cable joint boxes can be sealed.


  • No adhesive, self-fusing tape
  • Temperatures up to 260C
  • Works underwater
  • Centre guideline for easy application

Technical Data

Colour Black
Operating Temperaure  
    Continuous -45°C to 200°C
    Intermittant -65°C to 260°C
Specific Gravity 1.2
Shore A Hardness 55
Tensile Strength 4.8 MPa
Elogation 300%
Tear Strength 175 N/m
Bond Strength 9N
Adhesion Unwind 75mm max
Cold Brittle Point -54°C
Water Absorbtion by Weight 3% max
Dielectric Strength 15.75 kV/mm / 400VPM
Dielectric Constant 1kH 3 2.95
Dissipation Factor 1kH 3 < 0.0004
Volume Resistivity 1 x 10-13 OHMS/cm

Performance Information

Moisture Resistance Excellent
UV Resistance Excellent
Electrical Insulation Excellent
Ozone Resistance Excellent
Resilience Excellent
Corrosion Prevention Excellent
High Temperatures Excellent
Solvent Resistance Good
Flame Resistance Good
Acid Resistance Good to Fair
Abrasion Resistance Good
Oil Resistance Good to Fair
Tear Resistance Good
Hydrocarbon Resistance Good to Fair

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