Superfast Epoxy Tape

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Maintenance repairs for strong, permanent repairs to metals, wood, glass, concrete, ceramics and numerous plastics. Sets to a grey colour and can be painted. Sylmasta Epoxy Tape is easy to use, just cut off the required amount and mix. This fast setting putty can be used for a wide variety of applications, filling holes and cracks, sticking difficult uneven surfaces. Benefits: • Easy to use – simply tear off desired quantity and mix. • Fast-setting – sets hard in 10 minutes. • Comes in easy-to-use dispenser. • Sets underwater. • Resists temperatures up to 150°C • Solvent-resistant. • No shrinkage – solvent free. Applications: • Temporarily plug active leaks in drums and tanks. • Emergency repairs to boat decks and hulls. • Fill rough-weld seams before painting. • Restore torn sheet metal. • Mold missing parts. • Form drilling jigs for odd-shaped work pieces. • Repair door mouldings and outside railings. • Form insulated handles for tools. • Plug holes and seams in ductwork and aluminium gutters.

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