Q-Free Copper Anti-Seize

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Q-Free Copper Anti-Seize blend is lead free with an operating temperature up to 1100°C. This Q-Free Anti-Seize will lubricate and protect against corrosion and attack by chemicals.

Use as an assembly paste to give initial lubrication on start up and to prevent galling during assembly.

Used in chemical and petrochemical industries, gas refineries and on oil drilling equipment. Typical applications are exhaust bolts and clamps, brake calipers, bearings, threaded fasteners, linkages and high temperature kilns, ovens, engine components and exhaust systems.

Lead Free

Copper Filled

Heat Resistant to 1100C

Prevents Seizure


  • Pipe connections, flanges, valves and threaded fasteners
  • Use to prevent seizure and galling during assembly
  • Prevent seizure in saturated conditions, including chemical environments and salt water


  • Enables easy dismantling of components
  • Heat resistant to 1100°C