PolyCast G26 COLOUR PU Casting Resin 2kg

Code: SYL-1305

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This is custom coloured resin – For our standard resin CLICK HERE

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(Please note that screen colour charts are only representative. We aim to match colours as accurately as possible. Please note that there may be slight variations with some shades.)
A medium viscosity, fast curing two-part casting resin. The medium viscosity makes it suitable for parts 0.5mm and upwards.
2 kg pack contains:

  • 1 kg of Resin
  • 1kg of Hardener
Pot Life: 3 to 4 minutes 
De-mould time: 30 minutes up to 10mm thick.
Viscosity: 130 mPas.
Mixing ratio: 50:50.

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Weight 2.5 kg

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