Industrial Ceramic

Code: SYL-875

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A blue, two-part, silicon carbide-filled epoxy that can be applied by trowel to provide a low friction, highly abrasion resistant repair.
Industrial Ceramic is ideal for the maintenance and repair of silos, chutes, mills, pumps, metal castings and tanks.
It can be used on metal, wood and most plastics and provides excellent protection against abrasion, corrosion and chemical attack.
Industrial Ceramic is reinforced with silicon carbide for ultimate surface hardness .
The extremely smooth finish means lower friction as surfaces rub together, increasing the wear resistance and extending the life of the repair.
The light consistency makes it easier to mix than stiff and heavy traditional epoxy pastes and it is thixotropic, meaning it will not sag.
In addition, Industrial Ceramic is virtually odourless, with no unpleasant smell compared to other products.
Applications • Protect new equipment from wear and corrosion • Repair heavy damage to silos, chutes, mills, pumps, impeller blades, valves, fan blades, metals castings and tanks before applying a topcoat of Ceramic Brushable • Applications requiring protection against corrosion, chemical attack and surface abrasion Advantages • High abrasion resistance • Low friction surface finish • Moisture tolerant • Easy to apply • Long working time.
Size: Size: 500g Pack, 2Kg Pack, 5Kg Pack

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