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Sylmasta Fibreglass Tape is used with Standard Epoxy 19000 for versatile, effective patch repairs to tanks and vessels.


The open weave of Sylmasta Fibreglass Tape allows it to mould around complex shapes and for the Standard Epoxy 19000 resin to easily saturate the fabric.


It is suitable for repairing pipes of all sizes which are inaccesible, straightforward holes and leaking corners caused by corrosion or damage.


Sylmasta Fibreglass Tape Details

Sylmasta Fibreglass Tape comes in widths from 50m to 150mm and each roll is 50mm long. When being used for patch repairs to pipes, tanks and vessels, the tape should be wrapped over the top of a coating of Standard Epoxy 19000.


The application should continue in this way with a layer of brushable epoxy adhesive being covered with Fibreglass Tape until the repair is complete. One final coat of Standard Epoxy 19000 is added to finish the application. High-strength repairs can be carried out in approximately 30 minutes.


Standard Epoxy 19000 and Fibreglass Tape are easy to use and provide a high-strength repair inside of 30 minutes. The products can be purchased separately or together as part of the Sylmasta Fibreglass Repair Kit.



  • Patch repairs tanks and vessels
  • Fixes pipework
  • Can be used for composite repairs



  • Easy to apply
  • Can access areas that wraps struggle to reach



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50mm x 50m, 100mm x 50m, 150mm x 50

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