BV555-R Spray Booth

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The BenchVent BV555-R eXaGon is a rigid ABS plastic enclosure incorporating a particulate air filter to 5 microns and an an axial fan.
What’s included in the BV555-R? – Filter unit with fan – Carrying Handle – Spray Shield/filter retainer – 1 x Particulate filter – Power Lead – Data/Warranty Booklet What can the BV555-R eXaGon be used for? The exagon is ideal for the removal of sprays and odours as well as the containment of particle overspray from a variety of products such as: aerosol adhesives, spray paints, airbrush overspray, solder fumes and smoke, light grinding dust and lacquers etc.
Key Features – Ultra portable – Solid ABS construction making it extremely durable compared to cheaper models The eXGon can be used in 3 different positions depending on the application: Filter Down Position Dilution/extraction of solder fume – solvents & contaminants other than propelled airborne sprays.
Work near intake.
Air is drawn in from front & back.
The eXaGon are designed predominantly as small ‘spray traps’ and fume diluters for studio/workshop cleanliness and for immediate operator protection from concentrations of airborne contaminants.
eXaGon is not recommended for continual heavy usage, i.e. production applications, particularly in confined and/or badly ventilated areas.
Upright Position Filtration/extraction/dilution of model sprays and airbrush spray – light grinding particles – solvents.
Models & 3D items worked in front of filter air intake.
Reclining Position Filtration/extraction/dilution of spray adhesives (Spray Mount etc) aerosol lacquers, fixatives and airbrush spray.
Artwork placed directly onto the filter.

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