A555-D Spray Booth

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The BenchVent eXaGon A555-D is a rigid ABS plastic spray trap ideal for the model making environment.
It’s an enclosed unit incorporating a particulate air filter to 5 microns, and a Centrifugal, internal rotor motor blower.
It also incorporates a 2 meter length of 100mm flexi-duct to enable the venting of all potentially harmful particle and gases to the oputside atmosphere.
What’s included with the A555-D? – A555-D Filter unit with fan – Carrying Handle – 2 mtrs flexi-duct – Spray Shield/filter retainer – 1 x Particulate filter – Power Lead – Data/Warranty Booklet Who needs an Exagon Air Extraction / Spray Trap? The eXaGon has been designed predominantly as a small ‘spray traps’ and fume diluters for studio/workshop cleanliness and for immediate operator protection from concentrations of airborne contaminants.
This makes it ideal for home use or garage workshops where various painting, gluing, soldering and other tasks produce contaminants need extracting.
The eXaGon is not recommended for continual heavy usage, i.e. production applications, particularly in confined and/or badly ventilated areas.
Key Features – The eXGon can be used in 3 different positions depending on the application: Upright Position Filtration/extraction/dilution of model sprays and airbrush spray – light grinding particles – solvents.
Models & 3D items worked in front of filter air intake.
Reclining Position Filtration/extraction/dilution of spray adhesives (Spray Mount etc) aerosol lacquers, fixatives and airbrush spray.
Artwork placed directly onto the filter.
Filter Down Position Dilution/extraction of solder fume – solvents & contaminants other than propelled airborne sprays.
Work near intake.
Air is drawn in from front & back.
– Compact design making it ultra portable.
– Rigid ABS plastic making it extremely durable – Flexi-duct system so harmful particulates can be extracted to the atmosphere

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