SylWrap CR Corrosion Protection & Repair Wrap

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SylWrap CR Corrosion Protection & Repair Wrap is a resin-impregnated fibreglass bandage incorporated with highly effective corrosion inhibitors to repair and protect structures in harsh and aggresive environments.


SylWrap CR can be used to protect metal piles, steel structures, concrete pillars and pipework from environmental and salt water corrosion.


Because the bandages are water-activated, they are ready to use for underwater repairs without requiring any prior preparation. This makes SylWrap CR ideal for protecting and reinforcing exisiting structures in a marine environment, such as pier supports and underwater piles.


SylWrap CR Corrosion Protection & Repair Wrap Details

SylWrap CR Corrosion Protection & Repair Wrap is the only water-activated wrap to include corrosion inhibitors to prevent substrate corrosion.


It is easy to use in the field and requires minimal training – simply remove the Wrap from the sealed pouch, dip in water and wrap. Items repaired using SylWrap CR can be returned to service in less than 30 minutes.


For optimal surface wetting and to achieve the desired 5 layers from high-strength repairs, the first layer of SylWrap CR should be wrapped so that the overlap with each wrap is approximately 5mm. The subsequent two wraps can be applied with a 50% overlap to provide a total of 5 layers. As an alternative, and if necessary, apply all three layers of SylWrap CR with a 50% overlap to achieve 6 layers in total.


For carrying out repairs to damaged pipework in less aggresive environments, then please see our SylWrap HD Pipe Repair Bandages.


Aside from corrosion protection, SylWrap CR can also be used to protect pipes and metal parts against abrasive wear in gravel and sand plants, quarries, sugar mills, gran hoppers and coal chutes.


Contact us if you would like a Sylmasta approved contractor to carry out a repair



  • Protects structures from corrosion
  • Strengthens metalwork in marine environments
  • Resistant to high pressure and extreme temperatures
  • Reinforces pier supports and underwater piles
  • Protects pipes and metal parts against abrasive wear



  • Easy-to-use – just dip the bandage in water and wrap
  • High-strength repairs inside of 30 minutes
  • Repairs all pipe types and materials
  • Sets hard to provide an impact-resistant protective layer
  • Coloured black for minimum visual impact





SylWrap CR Corrosion Protection & Repair Wrap Size Guide


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(SYL312CR) 75mm x 3.6m, (SYL433CR) 100mm x 10.0m, (SYL633CR) 150mm x 10.0m, (SYL866CR) 200mm x 20.0m, (SYL1266CR) 300m x 20.0m

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