Standard Epoxy 19000 – Brushable Epoxy Adhesive

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Sylmasta Standard Epoxy 19000 is a brushable epoxy adhesive for on-site composite repairs and bonding applications on substrates such as metal, wood, glass, GRP and other composites.


Standard Epoxy 19000 can also be used in cojunction with Sylmasta Fibreglass Tape to perform patch repairs on tanks and vessels. It is suitable for repairing pipes of all sizes which are inaccesible, straightforward holes and leaking corners caused by corrosion or damage.


Sylmasta Standard Epoxy 19000 Brushable Epoxy Adhesive Details

Standard Epoxy 19000 comes in two parts, Part A and Part B which are mixed together as per the ratio specified on the tub. Once thoroughly mixed, the brushable epoxy adhesive can be applied in an even coating.


When being used for patch repairs to pipes, tanks and vessels, a coating of Standard Epoxy 19000 should be overwrapped with a layer of Sylmasta Fibreglass Tape. The application should continue in this way with a layer of brushable epoxy adhesive being covered with Fibreglass Tape until the repair is complete.


Standard Epoxy 19000 offers excellent corrosion protection, even in seawater. It does not shrink and is resistant to temperatures in excess of 100°C.


Standard Epoxy System 19000 is supplied individually or as a kit of 10 x 225g pre-measured packs of resin and hardener for making multiple repairs. For an all-in-one kit that includes Sylmasta Fibregass Tape, then please look at our Fibreglass Repair Kits.



  • High-strength bonding
  • Offers corrosion protection
  • Can be used to patch repair tanks and vessels
  • Fixes pipes which may otherwise be inaccesible
  • Suitable for sea water repairs



  • Easy to apply
  • Gel-like consistency so doesn’t drip or run
  • Does not shrink
  • Can access areas that wraps struggle to reach




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Weight 10 kg
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225g, 10x225g, 4.5kg


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