Mitre Bonding Kit


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is a two pack system comprising an extremely high viscosity ethyl cyanoacrylate adhesive (50g) a 200ml aerosol activator.

Used primarily for instant bonding (10 seconds) of wooden mitre joints, with numerous other uses. No wastage. Simple to use. Precise application to use in awkward and inaccessible locations.


  • Quick setting – bonds within 10 seconds, cutting down dramatically mitre assembly.
  • High viscosity adhesive
  • Low soak in to give greater strength than conventional cyanoacrylates on porous surfaces (eg wood)
  • Gap filling – high viscosity adhesive will fill small gaps in mitres etc (up to 0.2mm)
  • Economical in use.

Kit includes:

  • Superglue 50g
  • Superglue Activator
  • 200ml Aerosol

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