Micro Abrasive Gloss Liquid 01



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Micro Abrasive Liquid 01 is a concentrated gloss polish used for the final step of finishing.  It removes residual fine surface scratches and polishes to a high gloss. Micro Abrasive Liquid 01 can be used on plastics, wood, coatings, metal, and composites to give it an ultra smooth and shiny mirror finish.


Micro Abrasive Liquid 01 can improve the appearance of transparencies when used regularly, can remove haze and milkiness, and removes swirl marks from incorrect cleaning methods.  It can be applied by hand or with a rotary buffer polishing pad.


Micro Abrasive Liquid 01 is water-based with no aggressive solvents and contains 1 micron abrasive crystals which work to remove fine damage, unlike most other cleaners and polishes which contain products which can damage surfaces over time.


Sizes: 50ml (60g), 250ml (300g)

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