Geomfix A+B Coloured Epoxy Putty 1kg

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Geomfix Coloured Epoxy Putty is a hand-kneadable, two-part adhesive clay which is available in a range of colours.


It is used in a variety of applications, including large sculptures, figure modelling, antique restoration and design projects.


Originally, Geomfix was formulated for the bonding of Swarovski crystals in the manufacture of custom jewellery.


Geomfix Coloured is made to order on site by Sylmasta. The standard colours available match Swarovski crystals.


Should you require a bulk volume of Geomfix or require a colour not listed on the chart below, then please contact Sylmasta who will be happy to discuss customisation of Geomfix with you.


Please note that Crystal White sets to a very bright white. For a standard off-white, please see our Geomfix Original A+B Epoxy Putty.


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