Fibreglass Repair Kit – For Multiple Patch Repairs

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The Sylmasta Fibreglass Repair Kit contains all the products needed to patch repair damaged and leaking tanks, vessels, pipes which are inaccessible and leaking corners caused by corrosion or abrassion.


The Fibreglass Repair Kit works on most surfaces and moulds effectively around complex shapes, enabling it to carry out more versatile and effective repairs to damaged areas. It can also be used to strengthen tanks, protect structures from corrosion and for composite repairs.


Fibreglass Patch Repair Kit Details

Each kit contains 3 x Standard Epoxy 19000, 1 x Sylmasta Fibreglass Tape 100mmx50m, 3 x brushes, 3 x stirrers, 3 x pair of gloves and 3 x mixing cups, allowing it to be used for either multiple fixes or one big repair.


Standard Epoxy 19000 a brushable epoxy adhesive for on-site composite repairs. It comes in two parts, Part A and Part B, which are mixed together as per the ratio specified on the tub. Once thoroughly mixed, Standard Epoxy 19000 is applied to the area requiring repair using one of the brushes provided.


Sylmasta Fibreglass Tape is then cut into strips of desired length and pressed onto the layer of Standard Epoxy 19000. Another coating of Epoxy is added, which saturates the open weave of the Fibreglass Tape.


The application continues in this way with a layer of Epoxy being covered by Fibreglass Tape until the repair is complete. One final coat of Standard Epoxy is then applied to finish. High-strength repairs can be carried out in approximately 30 minutes.



  • Patch repair of damaged tanks and vessels
  • Repairs pipes that are inaccessible
  • Can be used for corrosion protection



  • Moulds around complex shapes
  • Easy to use and fast-working
  • Temperature resistant in excess of 100°C dry heat
  • Contains enough products to carry out multiple patch repairs




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