70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel (5 litres)


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SylHealth Hand Sanitiser Gel is a 70% alcohol, fast-drying hand sanitiser which kills 99% of bacteria and germs.


The 5 litre bottle provides a long-lasting supply of hand sanitiser for households, shops and businesses at a cheaper cost than when buying smaller quantities.


Transferring the gel into smaller bottles with pump action handles is straightforward. Alternatively, you can purchase SylHealth 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel in a 500ml bottle. The 500ml bottle is easy for a person to carry or to keep in a bathroom or other facility which may require hand washing provisions.


SylHealth Hand Sanitiser is easy to use. Simply dispense the alcohol gel and rub your hands together, covering the base of the wrists to the tips of the fingers for a thorough clean. No water is required with SylHealth Hand Gel.

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