AllWeld for Plastic & Composite

Superior Bond Strength to Plastics

Sylmasta AllWeld plastic bonding adhesives are designed to adhere to hard-to-bond engineered plastics, advanced composites, exotic metals and other difficult substrates.


Methacrylates – Two-part adhesives, fast setting, easily applied from a cartridge. For bonding all plastic types, including GRP, Acrylic, Polycarbonate etc.

  • Very high strength
  • Little or no surface preparation required

Light Curing – Bonds clear acrylic and Perspex.

  • Sets when exposed to a strong light source
  • Allows careful positioning of assemblies

Structural Acrylics – Single or two-part adhesives for welding acrylic

  • For acrylic welding
  • Dichloromethane-free (safer alternative to Tensol)