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Case Study: Residential Property, UK

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A dream house in Essex at which Sylmasta Liquid Rubber helped to fix a roof terrace leak


Sealing the Dream – how creative thinking and Sylmasta Liquid Rubber helped eliminate drips during a roof terrace repair on a dream home


A dream home being built in Essex encountered an unexpected issue when water began to drip from necessary expansion gaps between glass panels installed on a roof terrace and onto an enclosed balcony below.


One of the most striking features of this stunning property on the Thames Estuary is its roof terrace with panoramic views.


This wasn’t without problems however, due to the required space that had to be left between each of the glass panels placed around the edge of the terrace.


The section of roof terrace in question featured 26 glass panels, each of which were around 1.3m in length with a 25mm expansion gap between the panels.


Whenever it rained, or spray blew in off the Thames, water would drip off the roof and glass panels, through the gaps and onto the balcony underneath where electrical installations such as LED lights and speakers had been added.


This was creating a real issue which required a quick and easy solution. Thinking outside the box, the homeowner used a packing medium and Sylmasta Liquid Rubber to fill the gaps, preventing drippage and protecting the electrical equipment below.


Liquid Rubber is a tough and flexible compound which is normally used to repair conveyor belts, make moulds or add noise-reducing and abrasion-resistant linings to equipment.


For this installation, the homeowner creatively poured Liquid Rubber onto the packing medium which had been placed into the gap, sealing everything in place and solving the drip issue.


With Liquid Rubber setting to black, the application blended in perfectly with the resin that had been used on the rest of the installation. Even on close inspection, you are unable to tell that two different products have been used.


The roof terrace repair has ensured that there are no more drips and the homeowner has since told us that he was delighted with the solution.


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