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Case Study: Ball Mill Repair, Puerto Rico

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A repair carried out to machinery in a Ball Mill which helped to save a company around $60 million


Having a Ball – Sylmasta Ceramic Supergrade saves a Ball Mill in Puerto Rico $60 million


A damaged part at a Ball Mill in Puerto Rico nearly cost a company over $60,000,000 – until Sylmasta Ceramic Supergrade provided a quick repair at a fraction of the cost.


Ball Mills are used for mixing a wide variety of materials together by grinding particles down in size. A rotating shell is filled with balls or beads alongside the materials needing to be turned into powder.


As the shell rotates, the materials are reduced in size by the impact of the balls or beads as they drop from the near the top of the shell, grinding the material down into powders.


This Ball Mill had been undergoing some maintenance work with the balls and beads having been replaced. While this was going on, a part had been forced and broken.


It wasn’t until a few days after the maintenance work that the Ball Mill noticed there was a problem. The water that ran between the liner and the outer wall was now leaking inside the tank with a visible crack on the outside.


To replace the damaged part would have cost $200,000 with a three-week travel time from Germany. A specialist installer would also have been required to fly over from Europe to fit the replacement part.


More pressing a concern for the Ball Mill was that daily production was worth $4,000,000. A three week wait for replacement part could therefore have cost the Mill approaching $60,000,000 in lost revenue alone.


Clearly, a quick repair was needed. Sylmasta Ceramic Supergrade Epoxy Paste was applied to the damaged part, fully repairing it and restoring the machine to working order.


Sylmasta Ceramic Supergrade’s extra smooth finish ensures that it provides excellent protection against abrasion and corrosion, making it the ideal solution for a Ball Mill environment.


The repair was carried out on a Sunday and the next day, the Ball Mill was able to operate at full capacity with tens of millions of dollars saved.


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