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Leakage has hit its lowest levels on Britain's water network since records began thanks to technology, innovation and pipe repair
Leakage in the UK hits record low levels thanks to innovation and pipe repair
Leakage levels in the United Kindgom have hit the lowest levels since records began in the mid-1990s thanks to improved detection and pipe repair solutions
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Business owners should take some steps to ensure their pipes are in good working order ahead of a safe reopening
Preparing your business for a safe reopening after lockdown from a pipes point of view
With pubs, restaurants and shops reopening, here are the steps business owners should take to ensure their pipes are safe and working
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Epoxy putty is a repair compound with many uses in DIY, maintenance and plumbing
What is epoxy putty, how does it work and what is it used for?
Epoxy putty is an easy-to-use, versatile product that has multiple uses in DIY, repair and maintenance tasks. Here's the Sylmasta guide to using it
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A leaking pipe may be hard to fix durng coronavirus lockdown as plumbers begin downing tools
No plumber, no problem: How to fix a leaking pipe in coronavirus lockdown
Here's how you can carry out an emergency repair to a leaking pipe during coronavirus lockdown when there are no plumbers available
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Being able to repair a copper pipe is a task that most homeowners will need to be able to carry out at some point in their life
Copper pipe repair – 4 ways to fix a leaking copper pipe
Copper is one of the most commonly used pipe materials in the home, which means that at some point most of us need to how to repair a copper pipe
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Pipes are used to transport many different materials around the world from crude oil to natural gas to water
What are pipes used to transport?
Natural gas, crude oil, water and much more in between. Here are some of the materials which pipes and pipelines are used to transport around the world
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WRAS approval guarantees that WRAS approved products and materials will not have a detrimental impact on water taken from public supply lines
WRAS approved: What is WRAS approval and why is it important?
Many of Sylmasta's pipe repair products are WRAS approved - but what is WRAS approval and why is it so important when it comes to water?
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What steps to take if you accidentally drill a hole in a pipe during home DIY work
What to do if you accidentally drill a hole in a pipe
Accidentally putting a drill into a pipe is one of the major risks associated with home DIY projects. Here's what to do if it's happened to you
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Mould and mildew caused by leaking pipes can be extremely damaging to human health
How leaking pipes can affect your health and make you sick
Leaking household pipes which are left untreated can lead to a host of a severe health problems brought about by the growth and spread of harmful organisms
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What can we expect from water companies in the UK in 2020?
Ofwat have released a draft of their forward programme 2020-21, laying out what water companies in the UK must do over the course of the next year
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The Sylmasta Roadshow is taking pipe repair technology into companies around the United Kingdom
The Sylmasta Pipe Repair Roadshow 2020
The Sylmasta Pipe Repair Roadshow is bringing SylWrap Pipe Repair technology into companies across the UK. Here's how to book your own onsite demo
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A CHP System can reduce a companies energy bills and carbon footprint by combining power and heat generation into one system
CHP – what is a Combined Heat and Power System and how does it work?
CHP combines the separate generation of electricity and the generation of heat into one system, cutting energy bills and reducing carbon emissions
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